Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Peak 313 Challenge: Day 9

How is it that just 2 people can turn a once-clean, small, 1100 sq. ft. home into a pig sty in just 3 days?!?

We have no children, no pets and next to no activity in the house during the day but I ALWAYS feel like I am cleaning. Dishes. Laundry. Dusting.

Does it multiply while I sleep??

Felt kinda run down with a headache that would. not. go. away.
Took it easy and just kept active by doing the housework today.

Feeling so disappointed. After a great week last week I was hoping it would carry over into this week, but it didn't.

Anyone else get like that sometimes?


  1. Totally! I find the same thing with me and my dad. I swear, dishes and dust multiply overnight. Maybe to make it more manageable, do one or two chores a day: laundry and dishes on Monday, dusting and vacuuming Tuesday, etc, so you don't feel over whelmed?

    1. I tried that but just got an asthma attack when I dusted.
      I took that to mean I was allergic and should steer clear of chores.
      Justification is a *beautiful* thing! ;-)

  2. I am so with you on that... I never understood how it happened and with kids it only got worse because apparently they don't do anything to make messes either. (That coming from my 8 almost 9yr old son)

    How is your challenge going? Have you been getting your workouts in?? This week has been harder for me that's for sure.


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