Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Roadkill = ....Dinner??

Yes folks. 
In my part of the country, it sometimes can be.

Fortunately for me, I narrowly avoided such a tragedy last week.

Picture it:
CajunGuy behind the wheel of our car, traveling down the road to get his Mom's house when all of a sudden a furry white animal with long, floppy ears hopped into the middle of the tree-lined road. When its eyes met with the headlights of our oncoming vehicle it froze. I, of course, screamed like a little girl and grabbed on to the seat in preparation for impact, praying and promising God all sorts of things if we could only miss this defenseless creature. (But really, what kind of damage could a rabbit do to a vehicle? I really need to get a grip sometimes! LOL)

Then it happened.

CajunGuy swerved hard. Except he was aiming for the rabbit! I'm not sure how, but he missed it. He flippin' missed it!

Then I heard the words no person EVER wants to hear:
"Dang! That would have made a good stew!"


I did what any normal person would do and laughed at his comment. When I didn't hear him laughing with me I got scared. Really scared.

It's time for me to start checking the tires of our car the next time he cooks and claims it's "chicken".