The famous CajunGuy.
See those chopsticks? I taught him how to use them! :-)

Wanna know why he is so awesome?
  • He has great taste, as evidenced by the fact that he married me! ;-)
  • His heart is always tuned in to my best interests. I can trust him in the big and small things because I know his priority is to make sure I'm taken care of.
  • He can cook an awesome gumbo! (And really, what Cajun gal doesn't love when her guy can do that???)
  • My Mom likes loves him!
  • He's absolutely honest.
  • He never does something half-hearted. His motto is, "Do it right or don't do it at all".
  • He likes to do yard work. 'Nuff said.
  • He never complains when I'm not feeling well and he has to take care of me.
  • He calls me just to tell me he loves me.
  • He taught me to fish.
  • He taught me how to pitch and catch a softball when I was thinking of joining a league -- and that's no small accomplishment since I'm a leftie who likes to catch and pitch with my right hand. My guy must love a challenge! ;-)
  • He taught me to drive a standard. (Well, he tried anyway. It's a work in progress.)
  • On our first date, he cooked me dinner and didn't let me lift a finger.
  • He willingly took a job that was more than 100 miles away from me because it would allow me to quit my job to finish school.
  • He shares my love of Mexican food.
  • And sushi.
  • And my hatred of washing dishes. Ha! But he washes them all the time for me. Flippin' awesome!
  • From day one he made his intentions clear and has never once played with my heart.
  • Did I mention he makes a good gumbo?
  • He is putting me through school because he believes in me that much.
  • He eats everything I cook, even when it's burnt and tastes like it came out of a can with the word "Alpo" on it. Just ask him about my Ramen Noodle Omelette. Epic fail!
  • He thinks I'm pretty.
  • Even when I don't feel like I am.
  • He supports me whole-heartedly in whatever I do.
  • He never forgets my birthday.
  • Or Valentine's Day. ;-)
  • And above all else, he has seen me at my worst and loves me just the same.
I Love You, CajunGuy!

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