Monday, September 10, 2012

Peak 313 Challenge: Day 1
I started the Peak 313 challenge today with good results!

I was nervous because I have (sadly) never really exercised since I was diagnosed with asthma. It was worrisome to do it alone just in case something happened.

And something did happen: I got tired quickly, I breathed heavy throughout the whole thing and got chased by the same dog 3 times. 

But something else happened too. I made it through! 
It was only a 30 minute walk around the block but I felt incredible when I got home. I now know I can do it.

I am so energized and perked up. I am even in the mood to make this incredible Sweet and Sour Chicken for dinner and have also done 2 loads of laundry since I got home from my walk.

Can someone just kick me for not starting to exercise months ago?!?

Oh, and I got an accountability partner too!
She blogs over at A Walk To Serenity.
And, after reading her About Me section I may have just found someone who understands what it's like to move from the city to the country.

Who says God doesn't have an incredible sense of humor?


  1. Good Job! When is your next workout going to be?

    I do find it interesting that we both are transplanted city girls.Funnier thing is that we were offered a job quite a few years ago to move to Louisiana but we found out I was expecting baby #2 and I was to scared to leave my family.... little did I know that another 2 kids later I was pregnant and over 300 miles from my family. Ah well had we done that I wouldn't be were I am today and I love it!!!

    God works in mysterious ways.

    (I have to say I love your little disclosure up here about revealing names.... that is awesome!!!)

  2. I am hoping to exercise tomorrow morning (undecided if it'll be cardio again or a strength workout).

    That is so weird that y'all were offered a job here in Louisiana! God: the original stand-up comedian!

    We don't have kids yet but I know my Mom will feel the sting of being 150 miles from us and will probably move next door the second the pregnancy test turns positive!

    Glad someone understands the whole city girl transplant thing. I get so many weird looks here because I didn't grow up in the country.

    The disclosure tickles the hubby too. I think he secretly hopes he will have to use his rifle to pick off some weirdo that comes to our door. I'm guessing the squirrels would be happy to have the targets off of their backs for once! ;-)


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