Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peak 313 Challenge: Day 4

Just a quick check-in: I did it!

My muscles stopped hurting and I was able to get in 15 minutes of walking.
Not the 25 minutes I was going for but something is better than nothing, right?

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm hoping to get my exercise in early so I have the rest of the day to do any-flippin'-thing I want!

I love Fridays!


  1. Good job!!! I just finished my workout too. I am scared to take a day off. I think after the whole 5 weeks I might be able to because then my body will really know the difference.

    Do you listen to music while walking or just enjoy the peace and quite?

  2. Maybe it's just me and my asthma but when I didn't exercise yesterday my body knew it. It's the biggest irony ever! ;-)

    I usually listen to music when I walk. I am loving Philips, Craig & Dean and Kristian Stanfill. My street connects our neighborhood to the main road in town so it's never really as quiet as I'd like. But at least if something happened to me someone would find out about it and (hopefully) help me.

    What about you? Music/no music?

  3. That's what I am afraid of, my body telling the difference.

    When I get to walk I have all the kids with me so its not very quiet. I am thinking of getting an MP3 player to put a bunch of music on so I can use that when my husband has the kids. Its kind of nice with the quiet here, my closest neighbor lives over a mile and a half away so there isn't really anyone out here.

    How did today go?


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