Friday, August 19, 2011

Dirt Road Lesson: Expectations

Funny how any well-organized plan can be changed...and fast!

CajunGuy and I had our guest list for the wedding all planned out. 
Invites were printed.
Addressing had begun.
Then it came to a quick end when I realized we were about 5 invites short.


Now it's not my policy to freak out (much...) when I am thrown a curve ball.
I was sure we needed 75 of the 100 invites that were printed.
I was sure I had not miscalculated the number of guests.
(Believe me when I tell you that. My perfectionist personality wouldn't let me miscount, haha).
I was also sure that the printer had sent us the correct amount in the first place.
In my world, 100-75=25.
In theory, we should have 25 extra invites.

So I counted the guest list (for the 63rd time).

Where in the heck did those extra 30 guests come from?

I'm sure I have no clue. 

Expectations come with a price if they're not grounded in reality, don't they? My expectations brought along its friends, Mr. Confusion and Mr. Frustration. I expected things to go right. I expected it all to happen the way I planned. And I expected that I had control of everything.

Guess I should have expected that I should expect none of those things.


My perfectionist heart wants things to be orderly and in my control. And each time I grasp for control, the rug of life is pulled out from under me by God Himself. He wants me to trust that He has everything taken care of and doesn't need help from a pushy broad like me. ;-)

I kid, but there is some truth in my statement.
It's exhausting trying to juggle everything in my life all at once.
It's better left to God. He never disappoints.

Which makes me wonder, if He is juggling everything not only in my life, but in the lives of the approximately 7 billion people on this Earth, how many hands does He have?

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