Friday, August 12, 2011

Dirt Road Lesson: God keeps His Promises

Ok, so CajunGuy's surgery went well Tuesday. 

He has 5 weeks of recovery, one more surgery and a couple of months of physical therapy left before we can put this all behind us but these times of just making ends meet and leaning on God's promise to take care of us has been paying off.

Even through this season of lost work time, God stuck to His word and never left us.
Through each of our families, He has blessed us beyond measure:
  • My Mom gave us our wedding present early, which helped big time towards making ends meet. And she is throwing me a bridal shower next month! (She also has the kindest shoulder to cry on when everything seems upside-down.)
  • My Dad has graciously offered to pay for the rest of our wedding since all of our budget has been re-allocated to pay bills each month since CajunGuy's injury.
  • CajunGuy's Mom and sister have each bought us groceries. Our pantry was getting low but they were kind enough to see our need and just help us, no asking required.
  • CajunGuy's Dad has offered to pay for the DJ for the wedding and has invited us to dinner at his house numerous times, which allows us to make our groceries stretch even more.
  • CajunGuy's Parran (see Cajun Dictionary) has brought us leftovers from cookouts he has done. (Yummmmmm!)
  • A few of CajunGuy's aunts got together and are throwing us a wedding shower for the both of us in the next few weeks.                                                                                                       We have had numerous offers of help and support through all of this and are in awe at just how much we are loved!
We have been humbled by the thought of receiving all of the help that we have gotten.

God promises to provide for our every need (Matthew 6:26-33) and He also promises to never leave us (Hebrews 13:5).
And I am here as a witness to tell you that He has kept His promise.

To God be the glory!

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