Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Journey Starts Here

Hi there! I'm CajunGal (but my friends know me as Liz).

Fancy meetin' you here! How's ya mom an 'em?

What's that you say? You didn't understand what I said? Sorry, that's just our Louisiana way of saying "Hey! Nice to see you! How are you and your family doing?"

Glad to see you're joining me as I transition from the life of a city gal to the life of a country gal. (Wait, when did I sign up for that?!?!?)

See, I was raised in the city. Never more than 5 minutes from a Walgreens or a WalMart, within walking distance of....everything, really. 

Then, in 2009 my whole world changed. I met a guy from the country (you'll see him mentioned here as CajunGuy) and fell in love with the country lifestyle -- and him, too! :-) He asked me to marry him last year and my life has been slowly turning, dare I say.....upside down? His world is filled with dirt roads, farms and drives "into town" for just about everything.

My days are filled with finishing my degree, wedding planning (and alternating between two cities more than 100 miles apart to accomplish it!) and learning just what the country life is all about.

In the short 2 years I've known CajunGuy, much of what I thought I knew has changed, and so have I. It's my hope that I can use this blog to capture all of the memories that I know I will cherish in the years to come. 

And it's on the little dirt road that runs next to CajunGuy's house on my many drives "into town" that I have done most of my thinking, wondering and problem-solving. 
The name Dirt Road Lessons popped into my head and it stuck. And here I am.

I'm headed down the Dirt Road, destination unknown, just enjoying the ride. 
Hop in and join me!

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