Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Memory Lane

As children my brother and I had some of the coolest toys ever created. We nearly broke our ankles on Moonshoes, almost snapped Stretch Armstrong in half and had many fights about whether or not Barbie should be decapitated. And thinking of all the fun things we had to play with makes me realize two things:
1. We were very fortunate children!
2. This generation will never know what it's like to have your sibling cheat you out of winning a board game. They will also never know the satisfaction of having your Mom punish your brother for doing so. Sorry, bro!

My life has changed so much since that time, but I still get nostalgic when I see stuff like this:
Tyco R/C Car - Sorry, don't have a link for this one!
(Hey bro: remember chasing me around the living room with that car?!?)

I miss those days. My brother and I spent hours and hours playing with those toys.
And my Mom spent hours and hours enjoying the time when she didn't have to entertain us.

Hey Mom: I finally understand. It was money well spent, wasn't it? ;-)

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