Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane Isaac: Preparations

                                    We Hurricaners know how to do it right!                                    (Photo courtesy of

 Last night I had the honor (NOT!) of going to the grocery store to buy supplies. I am usually ahead of the game during Hurricane season, but this year I was way off. We had 10 bottles of water and 6 cans of vegetables left in our house. I was desperate. And so was the rest of the small town I live in.

There were more people in that store last night than there are in a month's time. And I bought more canned food than should be allowed by law. I am now the proud owner of approximately 12 cans of beans (bleh!), 12 cans of peas, 15 cans of corn, 5 cans of pineapples (which half of may or may not have already been eaten), 10 cans of tuna, 8 cans of corn and 4 boxes of off-brand mac and cheese, which can only be described as disgusting.

I doubt seriously that the storm will do more than send a few inches of rain my way and knock the power out for a couple of hours. If I'm right, Hallejuah! If I'm wrong, I'll be eating that mac and cheese until things get back to normal. 

If any family or friends are reading this and need a place to evacuate, please come here. I could use some help eating all the canned goods I bought! ;-)

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